Come Fly With Us

Exec Air Montana offers the best private charter services in Montana to any destination in North America.

Welcome to Exec Air Montana

Premier Aviation Services Since 1931

Located in Helena since 1931, Exec Air Montana is the state’s oldest air charter company. Our first customers were business people… farmers in need of crop dusting.

Today, we still specialize in the needs of business travel and busy travelers. For fellow pilots, Exec Air knows what matters to you.

We know that the one thing people never seem to have enough of is time.

Whether you have a business to run or a vacation to make the most of, we can help you better use the time you have.

Flight Services

Passenger Charter

We pride ourselves in getting you to your destination quickly, efficiently, and on your schedule.

Medical Patient Transfer

Emergencies happen. We want to make sure that you can safely get the care you need, when you need it.

Air Freight

Some things need to happen fast. Transferring your cargo is one of them. We take special care to make sure your items are transferred with expediency.

Scenic Flights

Take in the beautiful scenery of Montana and leave the rest to us.

Current Fuel Prices:

Full Service

100LL – $5.25

Jet A – $4.78

Self Service

100LL – $4.79

Ground Services

Line Service

We take care of you and your plane from the moment you land to the moment you take off.

Hangar Services

Have peace of mind knowing that your plane is kept in a safe place.


With top-notch mechanics, we keep your machinery in the best shape possible.